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    El Convite

    A smiling woman holds a colorful puppet.Teatro Visión and La Quinta Teatro invite you to participate in a binational conversation between the communities of México and the United States.
    Join us in this cross-border approach to strengthen our mutual knowledge and discover together what makes us unique.
    Thursday, September 23, 2021
    From 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
    The talks will be offered on the ZOOM platform.
    The people who register will receive the link.
    You can register online to reserve your spot at: https://forms.gle/ktHH3DgapvKep7pB9
    Questions? Visit www.teatrovision.org/raices, email us at [email protected], or call us at (408) 294-6621.

    The members of La Quinta Teatro pose with musical instrumentsTeatro Visión y La Quinta Teatro te invitan a participar en “El Convite”, una conversación binacional entre las comunidades de México y Estados Unidos.
    Acompáñanos en este acercamiento transfronterizo para fortalecer el conocimiento mutuo y descubrir juntos lo que nos vuelve únicos.
    Jueves 23 de septiembre
    De 6:30 pm a 8:00 pm
    Las charlas se ofrecerán en la plataforma ZOOM.
    Las personas que se registren, recibirán el enlace.
    Inscríbete en línea y reserva tu lugar https://forms.gle/ktHH3DgapvKep7pB9
    ¿Preguntas? Visita www.teatrovision.org/raices, escríbenos a [email protected] or llámanos al (408) 294-6621.

    Raices: el libro de los caminos is being created with funding from a Hewlett Foundation 50 Arts Commission; The Map Fund, supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation; the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature of Mexico; Mosaik Philanthropy; and a grant from the City of San Jose.
    Teatro Visión’s operations are supported, in part, by a Cultural Affairs grant from the City of San José; Castellano Family Foundation; John S. and James L. Knight Foundation; Leo M. Shortino Family Foundation; Silicon Valley Community Foundation; Fleishhacker Foundation; and SVCreates, in partnership with the County of Santa Clara.
    Hewlett Foundation logo MAP Fund logo
    City of San José logo the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature of Mexico logo
    City of San José Office of Cultural Affairs logo Mosaik Philanthropy logo
    September 23, 2021 at 6:30pm

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    Student matinees

    A row of actors raising their hands to take a bow


    Bring teatro to your students at home and in the classroom

    Teatro Visión believes that culturally relevant theater is important to your students' education. Therefore, we are pleased to offer exclusive educational access to four of our recent past productions - Macario (2019), Departera (2018), La Muerte Baila (2017), and The Transition of Doodle Pequeño (2019).
    These productions are recommended for students in grade 4 and up.
    Our suggested price to access these videos is $5 per person, which helps us cover the costs of making these videos available. However, we know that many schools have little or no budget for arts experiences and it is important to us that money is not a barrier to access. If your school has the budget to pay $5 per person, thank you! If not, please pay what you can or request free access.
    Please note that access is limited to educational purposes for K-12 and college students.
    If you have questions, or need assistance, please email [email protected] or call (408) 294-6621 ext. 3.


    A group of actors and a large skull puppet in Macario
    adapted for the stage by Evelina Fernández with Teatro Visión
    based on the novel by B. Traven
    and the Academy Award nominated film
    original music by Russell Rodríguez
    original choreography by Maria de la Rosa
    stage direction by Rodrigo García
    music direction by Russell Rodríguez
    choreography by Samuel Cortez
    videography by Nicole Pérez - Cherry Pink Productions
    Teatro Visión’s Macario is a Día de Muertos celebration full of music, dance, spectacle, and inspiration. A poor woodcutter, whose sole dream in life is to experience a day without hunger, is caught at a crossroads when his dream comes true.
    Macario is performed in Spanish, with English or Spanish captions.
    Run time: 1 hour, 46 minutes
    This video of our 2019 production is accessible exclusively for educational use. You will receive a pdf study guide for Macario along with your viewing link.


    A group of actors dance in Departera
    World Premiere
    by Evelina Fernández with Teatro Visión
    original music by Russell Rodríguez
    directed by Elisa Marina Alvarado
    videography by Nicole Pérez - Cherry Pink Productions
    Inspired by real stories gathered from our community, Departera is a witty, modern take on Día de los Muertos, full of inspiring music, touching stories, and diverse characters.
    Departera is performed bilingually in English and Spanish, with English or Spanish captions.
    Run time: 1 hour, 40 minutes
    This video of our 2018 world premiere is accessible exclusively for educational use. 


    A row of actors wearing skull makeup raise their arms to take a bow
    an original Milagro Theater Día de Muertos production
    devised by Rebecca Martinez and the Milagro Theater Ensemble
    directed by Rodrigo García
    videography by Nicole Pérez - Cherry Pink Productions
    In this hilarious, musical take on the afterlife, los muertitos (the dead) can’t wait to get back to earth on Día de Muertos and La Muerte can’t wait to finally have a day to relax! But when one soul isn’t ready to go back, everyone’s holiday is in danger!
    La Muerte Baila is performed in Spanish, with English or Spanish captions.
    Run time: 1 hour, 20 minutes
    This video of our 2017 production is accessible exclusively for educational use. 


    Three actors on stage in a performance of The Transition of Doodle Pequeño
    by Gabriel Jason Dean
    directed by Cristal González Avila
    videography by Nicole Pérez - Cherry Pink Productions

    It’s Halloween and Doodle Pequeño wants to go trick-or-treating. But he’s new in town. His only friend is a sassy imaginary talking goat named Valencia. Then Doodle befriends Reno, a spirited boy who likes to wear dresses. Together, Doodle and Reno deal with insults, bullies, and a troll with a pumpkin tree and stand up for Reno’s right to be who he is. Don't miss our cast of young performers age 12- 18 as they bring this magical story to life. 

    The Transition of Doodle Pequeño is performed in English, with English or Spanish captions.
    Run time: 46 minutes
    This video of our 2019 production is accessible exclusively for educational use. You will receive a pdf study guide for The Transition of Doodle Pequeño along with your viewing link.

    How it works

    Clicking on the BOOK NOW links will take you to a form where you can register to access the video of MacarioDeparteraLa Muerte Baila, or The Transition of Doodle Pequeño for your students. 
    On the registration form, you will indicate whether you are able to pay the recommended price of $5 per person. You may use a credit card to pay online using a link in the registration form or you can choose to pay by check, in which case we will email you an invoice.
    After you register, usually within three days, we will send you a unique link. Please share this link ONLY with your students, as it will be good only for a limited number of views. The link will also expire at the end of the semester.
    Your unique link will take you to an Overture+ site where you and your students can watch the video. You may choose to have your students watch independently on their computer or tablet or, if you wish to watch it together in a Zoom classroom, you can share your screen from Overture+. You can turn on captions on the video by clicking the subtitles icon at the bottom of the video.
    If you have questions, or need assistance, please email [email protected] or call (408) 294-6621 ext. 3.

    More resources

    In addition to MacarioDepartera, La Muerte Baila, The Transition of Doodle Pequeño and  you can access video of our January 2020 production of Luz: A Shadow Play Inspired by Senior Stories on our website, as well as the accompanying study guide.
    Teatro Visión also offers a weekly livestream called La Hora del Mitote every Friday at 7:00pm on Facebook and YouTube, featuring conversations with artists, activists, and community members. Past episodes are all available on our website.

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    La Hora del Mitote

    La Hora del Mitote is Teatro Visión's biweekly livestream series, where you can meet local artists, activists, and community members.

    Join us every other Friday at 7pm on Facebook, YouTube, or CreaTV Channel 30 in San José and chat your questions and comments to our guests.


    Past episodes

  • Una profunda y misteriosa conexión los impulsa a volver una y otra vez.

    Todos lo años poblaciones enteras de animales y especies vegetales se desplazan miles de kilómetros a través de océanos y continentes en un viaje muy preciso, no pueden perder el tiempo, deben llegar a destino en el momento justo. Una profunda y misteriosa conexión los impulsa a volver una y otra vez.

    La madre naturaleza es dueña de todo lo que habita en nuestro planeta. Las cosas más impresionantes suceden gracias a la perfección que el delicado pero majestuoso ciclo de la vida tiene para todo ser vivo y también para la materia inerte. Unos de esos ciclos épicos son sin duda, las migraciones del mundo animal y del mundo vegetal.

    Covid-19 y Migración.

    Cierre de fronteras como medidas de prevención, xenofobia y tratos discriminatorios.

    En medio de la emergencia por el nuevo coronavirus en el mundo, los refugiados, desplazados y solicitantes de asilo son población vulnerable. Algunos ni siquiera tienen dónde vivir como para cumplir las órdenes de cuarentena  y otros están en campamentos atiborrados de personas, donde es imposible un aislamiento seguro. Para completar, en un alto porcentaje de los refugios el agua, vital para evitar el contagio, es escasa. Para ellos la guerra y la persecución continúan. 

    "Imaginen que el contagio del coronavirus se extiende por Europa de manera incontrolada mientras que en el continente africano, por las condiciones climáticas, no tiene incidencia. Aterradas, las familias europeas escaparían de la enfermedad de manera histérica, camino de la frontera africana. Tratarían de cruzar el mar por el Estrecho, se lanzarían en embarcaciones precarias desde las islas griegas y la costa turca. Perseguidos por la sombra de una nueva peste mortal tratarían de ponerse a salvo, urgidos por la necesidad. Pero al llegar a la costa africana, las mismas vallas que ellos levantaron, los mismos controles violentos y las fronteras más inexpugnables invertirían el poder de freno. Las fuerzas del orden norteafricanas dispararían contra los occidentales sin piedad, les gritarían: vete a tu casa, déjanos en paz, no queremos tu enfermedad, tu miseria, tu necesidad. Si los guionistas quisieran extremar la crueldad, permitirían que algunos europeos, guiados por las mafias extorsionadoras, alcanzaran destinos africanos, y allí los encerrarían en cuarentenas inhóspitas, donde serían despojados de sus pertenencias, de sus afectos, de su dignidad." - David Trueba

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    De Honduras al infinito

    A performer holds a placard in front of a bicycle with a large basket on it
    A performer standing in the middle of a crowded semi-circle audience members in a large exhibition hall
    A group of children smiling and cheering
    Es un cuento creado por Carolina Pimentel y Merced “Lobo” en el 2015, que aborda el viaje de los niños migrantes a través del teatro de papel y el teatro de juguete.
    Actualmente este espectáculo de pequeño formato e itinerante se ha convertido en un punto de encuentro con las comunidades migrantes relacionadas con el proyecto Raíces: El Libro de los caminos.

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    Raíces Blog

    Posted by · January 27, 2021 11:11 AM

    Posted by · June 30, 2020 1:56 PM

    Posted by · May 31, 2020 11:59 AM

    See all posts

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    Follow this blog to keep up to date with Teatro Visión's progress creating Raíces: El libro de los caminos / Roots:The Book of Journeys, a new work of theater we're creating with La Quinta Teatro with funding from a Hewlett Foundation 50 Arts Commission. 

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    Scene from Macario - Macario and his wife stand in front of a fabric forest dropAs envisioned by Teatro Visión's Founding Artistic Director Elisa Marina Alvarado and our nationally renowned team of commissioned artists, Teatro Visión’s Macario marries elements of spectacle, music, and dance in culturally authentic and visually exciting ways. Bringing Macario to the stage was a decade-long effort for Elisa, who worked for over three years to secure the rights to adapt the story, eventually being granted exclusive permission to do so by the family members of author B. Traven. 
    Scene from Macario - dancers holding chains of paper flowers dance in front of large skeleton puppetsSet in the Viceregal era, when Mexico was still New Spain, the parable-like story of Macario features three spirits who attempt to persuade the title character, Macario, to reflect on his choices when he comes into the fortune of getting a full turkey to eat. It is a work steeped in history that has become part of the fabric of Mexican culture. Adapted from the original novel in 1960, Macario became the first film from Mexico to be nominated for an Academy Award.
    Scene from Macario - Macario kneels while three of his children gather around himTeatro Visión worked for more than a year with award-winning playwright Evelina Fernández to complete the Macario script and bilingual translation, in a creative process that included exploration of the novel’s themes through individual interviews with 23 residents of the Mayfair community of East San José and dialogues with organizations working to address hunger and access to healthy food in Silicon Valley. Composer Dr. Russell Rodríguez crafted a cycle of original music for the production and original choreography was created by Maria de la Rosa, one of the founding members of local dance company Los Lupeños de San José. The development process included screenings of the film, exploratory workshops, and script readings, all open to the community.
    Teatro Visión produced the world premiere of Macario in October 2013, then remounted the production in October 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2019.

    Macario Artists

    Headshot of Russell RodríguezComposer Russell Rodríguez is an accomplished musician specializing in performance styles of huasteca, jarocho, mariachi, and other traditional music forms of México. His theater credits include working with San José Repertory Theater and El Teatro Campesino.

    Headshot of Evelina FernándezPlaywright Evelina Fernández is an award-winning actor, playwright and screenwriter. Her epic A Mexican Trilogy: An American Story, which consists of her plays Faith, Hope, and Charity, was recently staged at the Los Angeles Theatre Center by the Latino Theater Company. 

    Elisa Marina Alvarado, seated, with her hands on her kneeOriginal production Director and former Teatro Visión Artistic Director Elisa Marina Alvarado is a founding member of Teatro Visión and served as Artistic Director until 2017. As an actress, director and community organizer she has been active in the Chicano movement for over thirty years. Elisa has taught theater for Teatro Visión, San José State University, San Francisco State University and many community organizations. She developed a new works program, Codices, through which Teatro Visión has produced world premieres for plays including Conjunto by Oliver Mayer and Boxcar by Silvia Gonzalez. 

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    Collaborative Poetry

    Fill in the blank prompts, \In the fall of 2017 Teatro Visión worked with poet Yosimar Reyes to create nine original poems related to the themes of our production of La Muerte Baila, devised by Rebecca Martinez and the Milagro Theater Ensemble. Yosimar wrote a series of fill-in-the-blank prompts, which Teatro Visión distributed in our community through mail, email, social media, and at in-person events. 

    More than 400 people responded to the prompts. Using those responses, Yosimar wrote nine poems. One of these poems was read from the stage at each performance of La Muerte Baila in October 2017.

    Read all nine poems.

    #408Creates logoThe collaborative poetry project was made possible by a grant from the City of San José Office of Cultural Affairs as part of the Creating Connection initiative.

    Headshot of Yosimar Reyes

    About Yosimar Reyes

    Yosimar Reyes is the artist in residence at Define American, a media and culture organization dedicated to shifting the conversation surrounding immigration and identity in a changing America. He is a nationally acclaimed poet, educator, performance artist, and public speaker. Born in Guerrero, Mexico, and raised in East San Jose, California, Reyes explores the themes of migration and sexuality in his work.

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    Work with Teatro Visión

    Teatro Visión is not currently hiring for any year-round positions, but we are always happy to meet new actors, designers, directors, musicians, and other members of our community who are interested in working with Teatro Visión.

    To introduce yourself, please email Production Manager Dianne Vega with your resume, headshot, design website, or any other relevant information.

  • Luz: A Shadow Play Inspired by Senior Stories

    Luz: A Shadow Play Inspired by Senior Stories was created from the real stories of seniors and elders in our community. We are grateful for the trust and courage they showing in sharing their stories with us. We honor their contributions to our community.

    In 2018, Teatro Visión teamed up with local playwright Cristal González Avila to create more intergenerational connections in our community. Cristal gathered stories from seniors and elders in our community and created nine 1-minutes plays. We debuted one of these plays at each performance of Departera in October 2018. Audience members at Departera were invited to leave a note at a kiosk in the lobby to let the seniors who so generously shared their stories know that their stories were heard and appreciated.

    Cristal then expanded these stories into a new play entitled Luz: A Shadow Play Inspired by Senior Stories, which premiered in January 2020 to a sold out audience. 

    Watch Luz: A Shadow Play Inspired by Senior Stories

    Download the study guide for Luz: A Shadow Play Inspired by Senior Stories.

    Read the 1-minute plays and audience responses.

    Silicon Valley Creates logoThis project was made possible by an Audience Engagement Project Grant and an X Factor Grant from Silicon Valley Creates.


    Headshot of Cristal González Avila

    About Cristal González Avila

    A company member with El Teatro Campesino and Baktun12, Cristal González Avila is a first generation Chicana actress, playwright, poet and director from Watsonville, CA. She holds a B.A in Theater Arts from San Jose University and is a Reed Award recipient for Excellence in Acting and Oral Interpretation. Her recent work includes "La Sombra" (The Shadow) a solo performance, a full length play PIERNAS: The Story Between Our Legs, and her book of poetry Sombra Mia (January 2019).

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    Strategic Plan

    Teatro Visión's current strategic plan covers the year 2021-22 through 2023-24. The major goals outlined in the plan are 1) Strengthen Teatro Visión’s year-round presence in our local community and 2) Continue to create and pursue innovative projects and programs.

    Read the full 2022-2024 Strategic Plan

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    Youth Production


    Silhouette of a young woman against the sky

    Esperanza Rising
    By Lynne Alvarez
    Music by Victor Zupanc
    Based on the Book by Pam Muñoz Ryan
    Produced by special arrangement with Plays for Young Audiences

    Online access will be available May 7 - June 6, 2021 on demand

    Beginning May 7, you will be able to request a link to view Esperanza Rising. Links will expire in 72 hours.

    Performances are FREE, donations are gratefully accepted.

    This pre-recorded production is being created in compliance with State and County Social Distancing and Health regulations.

    It's 1929. When tragedy strikes 12-year-old Esperanza’s family, she has to leave her life of wealth and privilege in México for a migrant labor camp in California. In this strange new place, Esperanza learns about strength, hope, and perseverance. A classic coming-of-age story brought to life by a cast of 10- to 18-year-olds.

    Esperanza Rising is performed in English with Spanish and English closed captions.

    Questions? Email us at [email protected] or call us at (408) 294-6621.

    Silhouette of a young woman against the sky

    Esperanza Rising
    Escrita por Lynne Alvarez
    Música de Victor Zupanc
    Basada en el libro de Pam Muñoz Ryan
    Producida bajo un arreglo especial con Plays for Young Audiences

    Acceso en línea por pedido estará disponible del 7 de mayo al 6 de junio del 2021 

    A partir del 7 de mayo, podrá solicitar un enlace para ver Esperanza Renace. Los enlaces vencerán 72 horas después de su solicitud.

    Las presentaciones son GRATIS, las donaciones se aceptan con gratitud.

    Esta presentación pregrabada se está creando en conformidad con las regulaciones de Salud y Distanciamiento Social del Estado y del Condado.

    El año es 1929. Cuando una tragedia llega a la vida de Esperanza y su familia, ella tiene que dejar su vida de riqueza y privilegio en México, por un campo de trabajadores migrantes en California. En este lugar extraño, Esperanza aprende sobre su propia fortaleza, confianza y perseverancia. Esta es una  historia clásica traída al escenario por un elenco de jóvenes teatristas de entre 12 y 18 años.

    Esperanza Renace se presenta en inglés con supertítulos en español e inglés.

    ¿Preguntas? Puede contactarnos por correo electrónico a [email protected] o llamando al (408) 294-6621.

    Teatro Visión's operations and this production of Esperanza Rising are made possible, in part, by a Cultural Affairs grant from the City of San José; SV Creates; the California Arts Council; Castellano Family Foundation; El Observador; La Oferta; Silicon Valley Community Foundation; Fleishhacker Foundation, Leo M. Shortino Family Foundation, and the School of Arts and Culture at the Mexican Heritage Plaza.
    City of San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs logoCity of San Jose logoCalifornia Arts Council logoSilicon Valley Creates logoCastellano Family Foundation logoEl Observador logoLa Oferta logoSilicon Valley Community Foundation logoFleishhacker Foundation logoLeo M. Shortino Family Foundation logoSchool of Arts and Culture logo

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    Youth Programs

    A line of youth performers and adult directors and crew on stage after a performance of The Transition of Doodle Pequeño
    Teatro Visión ensures the future of Chicanx theater through our youth programs that train the next generation of teatristas – skilled actors who are committed to culture-based, bilingual theater.
    Questions? Email us at [email protected] or call us at (408) 294-6621.

    A line of youth actors stand across the front of the stage during a scene from The House on Mango Street
    Teatro Visión asegura el futuro del teatro Chicanx a través de nuestros programas para jóvenes que entrenan a la nueva generación de teatristas - actores y actrices calificados y comprometidos con el teatro bilingϋe con base en nuestra cultura.
    ¿Preguntas? Puede contactarnos por correo electrónico a [email protected] o llamando al (408) 294-6621.