Strategic Plan

Teatro Visión's current strategic plan covers the year 2017-18 through 2019-20. The major goals outlined in the plan are 1) Increase Teatro Visión’s year-round presence in our community; 2) Build Teatro Visión’s capacity (finances, staff, board, and pool of artists).

Highlights of the plan include:

  • A signed Letter of Intent to rent space at the Creative Center for the Arts, an arts-specific office and rehearsal being built in San José’s Japantown under the aegis of Silicon Valley Creates, scheduled to open in 2019.
  • The world premiere of Teatro Visión’s Departera, in October 2018, with a script by Evelina Fernández and original music by Russell Rodríguez. This play is currently being developed through a collaborative process in and with the local community.
  • The launch of a new intensive theater youth program for ages 12-18 in spring 2018, consisting of 6 weeks of workshops culminating in a production of Sandra Cisneros’s classic coming-of-age story The House on Mango Street. With funding from Santa Clara County, this program will outreach particularly to the County’s most at-risk youth, such as those in the County foster care system.
  • A new series of quarterly training workshops and mini-performances to begin in 2018-2019. The concept will be piloted in fall 2017 at De Anza College.
  • The elimination, as of the end of 2017-18, of the last remaining liabilities on Teatro Visión’s balance sheet.

Read the full 2017-2020 Strategic Plan

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