Raíces: El libro de los caminos / Roots:The Book of Journeys

Teatro Visión is one of ten 2018 recipients of a Hewlett 50 Arts Commission. Thanks to this award, we’re embarking on a thrilling new project, working with Mexico City street theater ensemble La Quinta Teatro!
We’ll be creating a brand new work that we’re tentatively calling Raíces: El libro de los caminos / Roots:The Book of Journeys. Look for the world premiere to take place at the Mexican Heritage Plaza in 2021.
Because it is always important to Teatro Visión to involve our community in our creative process, we’ll be inviting all of you to join us throughout the process for participatory workshops and to share your personal and family stories of migration.
As La Quinta Teatro member Carolina Pimentel explains:
"We will build a spectacle with small fragments of real stories we will collect during the first two years of the project. The goal is to shed light onto a current issue with a spectacle of great reach, built with the active participation of the community ... We seek to create empathy in the observer, and create community among those who experience it."
Stay tuned to our newsletters and to our Facebook and Twitter for updates and schedules for specific workshops and events. In the meantime, we hope you’ll visit La Quinta Teatro on Facebook to learn more about them and their unique and exciting approach to open-air theater spectacles.
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