Upcoming Productions

Teatro Visión is committed to developing and producing inspiring Chicano theater that celebrates culture, nurtures community, and inspires vision through art that moves people to feel, think, and act to create a better world. Our upcoming productions include:
Our 2017 Diá de los Muertos production will be La Muerte Baila by Rebecca Martinez. Where Macario looks at Diá de los Muertos from the perspective of the living, La Muerte Baila shows us the holiday from the other side, as the dead return to visit their loved ones on Earth. Like MacarioLa Muerte Baila is full of music, dance, and spectacle. See photos from the Portland production here.
Teatro Visión is now developing a new original work that will premiere as our Diá de los Muertos production in October 2018. The play will be developed through a collaborative community process that will include story gathering, participatory theater and collaborative song-writing workshops, and the study of Mexican/Chicano/Indigenous cultural traditions about preparing for one’s death. We want you to be a part of the process! To find out how you can be involved, visit our New Work page.
Our beloved Macario will return to the Mexican Heritage Plaza Theater in October 2019. Adapted by Teatro Visión and playwright Evelina Fernández from the story by B. Traven and featuring original music by Russell Rodríguez, Macario is the story of a poor woodcutter whose sole dream in life is to experience a day without hunger who finds himself caught at a crossroads when his dream comes true. Full of song, dance, and spectacle, Macario is a delight for all ages. Click here for a look back at our 2016 production of Macario.