Teatro Classes at the School of Arts & Culture

SAC_logo.pngTeatro Visión is excited to partner with a team of master artist instructors to offer acting, voice, and dance classes for future teatristas ages 7 and up during the spring session at the School of Arts and Culture at Mexican Heritage Plaza. Classes will be from 6:30 to 8:00pm every Tuesday beginning April 8th and running through June 10th, with a special recital performance on Sunday, June 15th.

These classes will train community members in the art of live performance and the power of teatro. All who participate will have an opportunity to audition for a role in our 2014 production of MACARIO, coming this October.

Here's a quick glance at our all-star team of instructors:

  • Juan Reyes - The renowned musician and singer of Mexican music will teach development of the voice and songs featured in MACARIO.
  • María de la Rosa - The celebrated choreographer and performer of traditional Mexican dance will teach the dances of Día de los Muertos featured in MACARIO.
  • Elisa Marina Alvarado & Rodrigo García - Teatro Visión's founding artistic director and the production director of MACARIO 2014 will teach acting and character development.

Classes are $120 per student and support the School of Arts and Culture's efforts to create a vibrant place of learning, culture, and community. Please note that scholarship opportunities are available for students with economic hardship.

Rosa Castañeda
(408) 794-6250
[email protected]

Download a flyer: English | Español