On Stage


A New Vision for Teatro

Our Board of Directors and Artistic Staff are currently developing a new vision for integrating our artistic and educational programming and a new strategy for creating a sustainable business model to propel Teatro into another 29 years of serving the community.

As we go through this process, there will be adjustments to our traditional performance seasons, beginning with an annual community-based production of MACARIO for Día de los Muertos and presentations of local and national touring productions that celebrate Chicano/Latino culture and explore the themes of identity and spirituality that connect us all.

Since 1984, Teatro Visión has produced and/or presented 60 plays for an audience of over 135,000 patrons. Take a walk down memory lane with this comprehensive list of our stage work, and click here to learn about our upcoming production of MACARIO.

MACARIO – by B. Traven, Adapted by Evelina Fernández with Teatro Visión, Directed by Elisa Marina Alvarado & Rodrigo García, October 2013 & 2014

SOLITUDE – by Evelina Fernández, Directed by José Luis Valenzuela, Produced by Latino Theater Company (Los Angeles), February 2012

BLESS ME, ULTIMA: THE PLAY – by Rudolfo Anaya, Directed by Elisa Marina Alvarado, March 2011

PERLA – by Leonard Madrid, Directed by Elisa Marina Alvarado, May 2010

TAKING FLIGHT – by Adriana Sevan, February 2010

GHOSTS OF THE RIVER – by Octavio Solis, Directed by Larry Reed, October 2009

LA CASA EN MANGO STREET – by Sandra Cisneros, Adapted by Amy Ludwig with translation by Elena Poniatowska, October 2008

HERO – by Luis Alfaro, April 2008

SCHOOL OF THE AMERICAS – by Jose Rivera, January 2008

VISITOR'S GUIDE TO ARIVACA (MAP NOT TO SCALE) – by Evangeline Ordaz, October 2007

BODAS DE SANGRE (BLOOD WEDDING) – by Federico García Lorca, April-May 2007

DOG LADY/EVENING STAR – by Milcha Sanchez-Scott, November-December 2006

LA VICTIMA – by Teatro de la Esperanza, October 2006

THE COOK – by Eduardo Machado, May 2006

ELECTRICIDAD – by Luis Alfaro, March-April 2006

¡CANTINFLAS! – and performed by Herbert Sigüenza of Culture Clash, October 2005

SANTOS & SANTOS – by Octavio Solís, May 2005

4 GUYS NAMED JOSÉ Y UN MUJER NAMED MARÍA – by David Coffman and Dolores Prida, December 2004

REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES – by Josefína Lopez, October 2004

DRIVE MY COCHE – by Roy Conboy, May 2004

BOXCAR – by Sylvia Gonzalez and Teatro Visión's Codices, March 2004

CHILEAN HOLIDAY – by Guillermo Reyes, October 2003

LADY FROM HAVANA – by Luis Santeiro, May 2003

CONJUNTO – by Oliver Mayer, March 2003

LA POSADA MÁGICA – by Octavio Solis, December 2003

FEFU AND HER FRIENDS – by Maria Irene Fornés, March 2002 Vieques by Jorge González, December 2001

HEROES AND SAINTS – by Cherrie Moraga, October 2001

THE KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN – by Manuel Puig, March 2001

LA POSADA MÁGICA – by Octavio Solis, Music by Hawkeye Herman, December 2000

LA NONA – by Roberto M. Cossa, English Translation by Raul Moncada, October 2000

WHEN EL CUCUI WALKS – by Roy Conboy, May 2000

THE TRUE HISTORY OF COCA COLA IN MEXICO – by Aldo Velasco and Patrick Scott, February 2000

HARVEST MOON – by José Cruz González, October 1999

ROSITA'S JALAPEÑO KITCHEN – by Rodrigo Duarte Clarke, May 1999

LA CASA EN MANGO STREET – by Sandra Cisneros, Adapted by Amy Ludwig, February 1999


SPIRIT DANCING – by José Cruz González, June 1998

REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES – by Josefina López, March 1998

¡NO SE PAGA! ¡NO SE PAGA! –by Dario Fo, 1997

SANTOS & SANTOS – by Octavio Solis, August 1997

LA VÍCTIMA – by Teatro de la Esperanza, September 1996

OUR LADY OF THE TORILLA – by Luis Santiero, January 1996

GOOD GRIEF LOLITA! – by Wilma Bonet, September 1995

ROSARIO'S BARRIO – by Rodrigo Duarte Clarke, June 1995

THE LAST ANGRY BROWN HAT – by Alfredo Ramos, September 1994

LAS NUEVAS TAMALERAS – by Alicia Mena, January 1994


FOOD FOR THE DEAD – by Josefina López, May 1993

ROOSTERS – by Milcha Sanchez-Scott, 1992

EL ORO DE LOS QUINTEROS AÑOS – by Arturo Gomez, Jaime Avarado, & Denis Marks with Teatro Visión, 1992

HOW ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW I'M STILL ALIVE? – by Evelina Fernández, 1991

BRUJERÍAS – by Rodrigo Duarte Clarke, 1991

SOLDADO RAZO – by Luis Valdez, 1991

BUY! BUY! NAVIDAD! – by Manuel Pickett, adapted by Lalo Cervantes with Teatro Visión, 1991


¡NO SE PAGA! ¡NO SE PAGA! –by Dario Fo, 1989

BRUJERÍAS – by Rodrigo Duarte Clarke, 1991

IMMIGRATION ACTOS – by Teatro Visión, 1985

IMAGES OF DECEIT – by Anita Quintanilla, Adapted by Teatro Huipil, 1984