Donor Levels and Benefits


Apoyo, the Spanish word for support, is a powerful concept within Latino communities which may involve emotional, financial and social support. There are many examples of structured support systems throughout the history of Mexico and other Central and Latin American countries that are thriving today. At Teatro Visión, we honor those traditional systems in our donor giving levels.

Donor Levels and Benefits

Visionario ($5,000 and up)

Visionary leaders are those who have a compelling and inspiring vision.

All benefits listed below, plus:

  • Special recognition at every performance
  • 10 MACARIO Gala Night tickets 

Teatro Família ($2,500)

Our primary support system is the family.

All benefits listed below, plus:

  • Special recognition at fundraisers and events
  • Logo acknowledgement in production program

Madrinas y Padrinos ($1,000)

Madrinas (Godmothers) and Padrinos (Godfathers) are sponsors for life's milestones.

All benefits listed below, plus:

  • An exclusive Teatro Visión lapel pin
  • 4 MACARIO Gala Night tickets 

Mayordomo ($500)

A Mayordomo is an individual who has undertaken responsibility for overseeing festivals and celebrations key to a village or community.

All benefits listed below, plus:

  • Access to special behind-the-scenes events

Nuestro Pueblo ($250)

As a “village” or community, we share the responsibility for each other’s wellbeing.

All benefits listed below, plus:

  • 2 MACARIO Gala Night tickets 

Amigos y Amigas ($100)

Our friends are the roots of our work. Benefits:

  • Name acknowledgment in production programs and website for one calendar year
  • A heartfelt ¡Gracias!
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